Planned Areas Development Regulation13.2.2018

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanism has made some changes in the "Planned Areas Development Regulation", which was published previously and will take effect today, taking into account the demands of the construction industry. Accordingly, in accordance with the building permit, the construction right of the investor will continue to be protected even if the plan is canceled.

Planned Fields Development Regulation which includes some new regulations in order to prevent silhouette disturbances arising urbanization in cities has entered into force on 1 October.

The Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on the Planned Areas Development, which was published in the Official Gazette on 3 July by the Ministry and which has some regulations in the regulation whose effective date is October 1, was published in the Official Gazette yesterday.

In the regulation, the definition of "atrium", which includes the central open area of ??the hotel or similar structure, has been rearranged.

In addition, amendments to the exemption area were included in the regulation, stating that the sum of all non-precedent areas could not exceed 30 per cent of the total base area of ??the parcel.

Within this scope, it is obligatory to organize public spaces such as conference rooms, sports, cinema and theater halls, 6 square meters of fire safety hall, common area terrace on the last floor, open car parks in the garden, cinema and theater halls with fire stairs and guarded corridor and the minimum dimensions of the "atrium" gaps made at the shopping centers at each floor shall be considered non-precedent. A total of 100 square meters of common area children´s playgrounds and child care units will be excluded the precedent without including this account.

Regulations were revised with regard to the use of ground floor and garden areas, which would not be included in the floor area account, with the amendment of the regulation. In addition, the restriction on the wall thickness of independent sections in detached houses has been removed with the change of regulations.


In the regulation in which the demands of the construction sector are also taken into consideration, in this context, "In the construction that continues to be constructed according to the construction permit, if the plan is canceled, the level is determined and construction is stopped. According to the new development plan to be prepared provided that the cancellation grounds included in the court decision are also taken into consideration, permits are allowed to continue the structures that are possible to be preserved in the existing state or modified state. If it is not possible to protect them, the licenses will be canceled and the portion made in accordance with the license and project projects will be considered under the scope of the acquired rights until the date of stopping the construction "provision was canceled.

In addition, in one of the independent sections in a building in the building registration process, it is necessary to replace the common building elements such as the precedent and the construction site, the purpose of use, the location of the wet spaces, the common areas, the land shares of other independent sections, the wall and the floor with the other independent sections, properties and safety, and fire safety, the applicant of the property will be sufficient without the approval of the other owners who are in the renovated section.


Applications with 30 or more detached buildings by a regulation amendment, including regulations on building projects, building with a total building construction area of ??60,000 square meters or more on a parcel and buildings with a minimum height of 60,50 meters visible any side of the building a provision stating that the requirement of "preliminary project" should be abolished in the metropolitan municipality for structures or structures bearing at least one of these qualities, and that "obligation of approval of silhouette" may be brought instead.

According to the directive, the landlord and the buildings subject to private property shall be provided with the approval of the owners of the independent sections determined by the related administration, two thirds of the floor owners and, where necessary, the penalties of the law to be taken into account, and the statutory penal provisions shall be admitted. , building aesthetics, appearance and silhouette of the adverse effect of the Information Technology and Communications Authority, without taking the appropriate opinion of the electronic communication station can be installed without a license.

In addition to the requirements in this section, it is also necessary to install antennas and antenna fixtures, to be adjacent to the facade, to have a similar appearance to the exterior facade, and to not exceed 1.55 meters of antenna length.

The field locker, point of presence (PoP point), manhole, payphone and in-building switching equipment used in the fixed electronic communication infrastructure, building license and building permit can be installed without taking the responsibility of sanction and the penal provisions of the law.

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