About Us

ELGIT Law and Consultancy Office is constantly growing and renewing since its foundation with its wide and young staff in dynamic and dynamic as well as having the necessary academic and professional experience and experience in its subjects. Büromuzda provides legal and legal education services in the fields of execution and bankruptcy law, contract law, labor law, sports law, health law, real estate law and general law, especially in legal counseling services throughout the country. Server system Our technological infrastructure in which executive and litigation programs are used has been made compatible with the National Judiciary Network Project (UYAP), and our internet site for information purposes has been activated.

Legal Consultancy Services:
Within this scope, our clients, especially the companies, are structured in legal terms and institutionalized. Buromuzun´s main point of view is to provide a pachinko of the full legal needs of the clients. In today´s commercial life, companies that have commercial operations have to become competent in three ways, and professionalism and existence in commercial life has become an indispensable condition. These feet;

* Professional and competent management foot,
* According to today´s commercial conditions, knowledgeable and equipped legal foot,
* Financial audit and accounting foot.

It should not be forgotten that the protection of the custodian is important, and the function of the protective law in the law is also important and life at the same time. Büromuz aims to ensure that your problems do not go out with the help of preventive medicine services in the law, or that you will be able to solve problems with minimum cost and with no problems with early diagnosis.