Traffic Accident Insurance

Unfortunately, our country is still in the first place in the world in terms of traffic accidents. There are dozens of injuries, property damage and mortal accidents every day in the country. Many of us are dying, injured, disabled. Billions of pounds are causing financial damage. Unfortunately, some fraudsters are deceiving our people by taking advantage of the victimization and difficult times of our country´s people. The wake up takes you then on by taking a good approach by calling your phone number, which is illegally provided in some way. Your insurance company tells you that you will be paying for the amount you have. And he says that he does not charge you for this job.

However, with the full power of attorney you really receive you, you will lose all of your rights the insurance company by agreeing with the lesser insurance companies that you normally deserve and refusing to pay your fees. It is impossible to find these people because they are not official identity (lawyer, civil servant). For this reason, we recommend that you do not take credit for any such accidental fraud that requires you to call your concierge.

If the traffic accident is to be defined by law, it can be said that a vehicle that happened on the highway is the type of accident that caused the death of a human or animal or other stone. Traffic accidents, whose definition is this way, often result in injuries, deaths and property damage. However, it can be said in the accident that the damage does not occur both materially and spiritually. Numerous studies have been conducted on the causes of traffic accidents in our country and statistics have been determined.

According to the results of this research, the causes of accidents are the use of alcohol. Continued use of alcoholic beverages may result in insomnia, distractibility, medications, imprudence, which could have been caused by another driver, or an accident caused by the product. In such cases, it is necessary to pass the contact with the expert traffic accident lawyer in order to be able to benefit the insurance in order not to suffer the loss of the rights and interests of the driver or persons involved in the accident.

What is a compensation case?
Article 49 of our Code of Obligations states that "a defective and unlawful deed is liable to another for damaging another."
In other words, a person deliberately, negligent, imprudent by impairing someone else is obliged to compensate damages. This can be requested under the name of the defendants before the courts.