National and International Trade Law

In today´s complex business world, it has become a fundamental requirement to provide legal services by correctly analyzing and understanding many different disciplines and possibilities. Whether you deal with local or international business partners and with your customers is the key and the most effective key to success in your business.

With regard to Commercial Law and Company Law, we can help you with the following:

We can share our knowledge and experience with Commercial Law and Company Law matters, and we can offer you legal counseling and support services in the following topics:

- company registration process in Turkey, foreign or domestic companies´ branches in Turkey and / or the realization of liaison offices;

- preparation and negotiation of joint venture and consortium contracts;

- Project financing and guarantees,

- Providing legal support services for the follow-up and settlement of transactions by Turkish companies working in cooperation with foreign branches in relation to establishment of companies abroad;

- Providing consultancy on the institutional functioning of the companies, preparation of the company´s articles of association, preparation of corporate board decisions, signature circulars and similar corporate documents; providing legal advisory services for capital increase or decrease transactions, organizing general meetings of the company

- Preparation and negotiation of specific and specific contracts (project development contracts, letters of intent, contingent commission contracts, confidentiality agreements, exclusivity agreements and preliminary agreements)

- Preparation of merger and acquisition agreements, due diligence studies and preparation of status reports, preparation of all documents related to mergers and acquisitions

- Share transfer agreements, shareholders´ (shareholder) agreements, drafting and negotiating voting agreements

- Providing legal advice to Company directors regarding the criminal and legal liability of company managers (managers and members of board of directors), employee-employer relations and transfer of company assets

- Providing legal counsel for the conduct of international transactions and transactions

- Concordato, postponement of bankruptcy, provision of legal support for restructuring issues and liquidation of company liquidation

- Providing legal support services to companies for corporate governance principles and compliance with them

- Negotiation and preparation of all commercial contracts including production, license, leasing, factoring, franchising, agency and distributorship agreements

- Unfair competition cases

International Trade Law

- Preparation, negotiation, interpretation of commercial contracts with foreign companies

- Legal evaluation of foreign investment, establishment of a company abroad

- International receipts

- negotiation of arbitration conditions and arbitration agreement, preparation of

- Choice of law to be applied, determination of competent court

- Competition and trademark-patent disputes

- Franchising, distribution agreements

- Preparation of the International Sales Contract (CISG) and disputes in this context

- Prevent taxation and double taxation on international investments

- Bank letters of guarantee, international credit agreements

- Issues related to INCOTERMS

- Disputes within the scope of the Turkish Statement of Value Protection Act

- Supervision of compliance with World Trade Organization, EU Customs Union, GATT agreements and foreign trade legislation