Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are multidimensional and multidisciplinary, depending on the legal identity of the parties. Pre- and / or post-project implementation of mergers or acquisitions involving domestic or foreign, private or public, stocks traded on the stock exchange or not including mixed types thereof, preparation of due diligence activities, preparation of proposals, share purchase and partnership agreements, it is possible to include various applications to be made to the public institutions such as the Competition Authority, the Capital Markets Board, the Privatization Administration, the Ministry of Industry and various transactions to be carried out in addition to the post-project activities such as planning and follow-up of the works and transactions required for merger or restructuring after the takeover.

Elgit Law & Consultation lawyers therefore have the right to pursue mergers and acquisitions with expertise in areas directly related to such matters as public law, competition law, commercial law and capital market law, and even more than ten years´ experience in projects domiciled and abroad taking a holistic approach, planning and carrying out.

Company contracts, mergers and acquisitions agreements are generally presented to client companies in the process of preparing and negotiating agreements, the very beginning to the final stage of the merger and acquisition process, with detailed analyzes and briefings on exit strategies, control mechanisms and protection of minority rights.