Inheritance Law

Inheritance law is one of the most intense areas of conflict and discomfort in the family. In our country, it is very common for children or their brothers to do mutilated transactions to escape inheritance. For this reason, in order to be able to obtain the rightful inheritance, büromuz expert staff and heritage law lawyer provide quality services to the clients in litigation and consultancy fields.

The inheritance right of the quiche has been elaborated in detail in our Constitution and the Turkish Civil Code. One of the most important nuances in the law of inheritance is that the inheritance should pass as a whole with the heritage activists and passives. So you are also responsible for the debts of the inheritance you have left. In the event of a possible submerged inheritance, legal actions such as rejection of the inheritance are of vital importance. Because while you are waiting for a beautiful heritage, you can stay in debt owing to a sunken heritage. Inheritance law is often encountered in cases where the system of inheritance law operates, how much inheritance share the spouse may have, the hidden shares of the heirs, and the legal remedies to be applied if the hidden share is exceeded.

* Tereke Lawsuits,
* Inheritance and transfer cases,
* Preparation of testament,
* Tenkis Davası,
* Partnership Removal Case (Izale-i Şüyu).