Health and Drug Law

The main target for the Elgit Law and Consultancy Office is to prevent legal disputes and to provide the best service by representing our clients in line with their rights and expectations in the face of legal disputes, before courts and other official authorities.

Patient Rights and Legal Responsibility of Healthcare Employees:

The change in the perspective of health services and the presentation of these services requires a different approach and experience in the resolution of disputes in the field of health law. At this point, Elgit Law Office provides institutional services not only for individual dispute settlement but also for preparation of general application procedures and instructions for minimizing the risks to patient rights violations (as a result of accreditation standards, monitoring the quality process in terms of health practices good medical practice) It also provides support to the health staff in order to determine the training needs of the health workers regarding the patient rights, patient rights applications, counseling on their training, as well as the organization of training activities in the hospital and / or in the relevant units and departments.

Hospital management and management:

Management in health institutions is one of the most difficult management areas. Healthcare institutions have to use advanced and intensive technology, employ a large number of different quality personnel, and meet and satisfy the needs of individuals with different needs and expectations. Health care requires continuity and proper use of staff and resources and good management. Health laws, regulations and legislation are constantly followed by major sanctions in terms of health institutions and administrators. Elgit Law Office provides legal support and consultancy services for all kinds of management and organization (human resources management, financial management, etc.) in health institutions.

Assisted treatment methods and centers

Married couples who can not have children require the principles of the practice to be made to be children´s possession through medically appropriate treatment methods of medically appropriate ones, the opening and operation of the centers to carry out this application and the education of the health personnel in the centers operating in this field. Büromuz provides special counseling and advocacy services for the centers and the beneficiaries of these services.

Health tourism

It is nowadays recognized that international provision of health services has a new and great potential in terms of global economy. While Turkey took important steps in thermal tourism, especially along it is advancing rapidly becoming one of the overall review of medical tourism centers. While the health tourism in our country shows tremendous improvement in every aspect, the solution of the legal problems that arise or can arise in terms of health service providers and health service beneficiaries has gained importance. Our company conducts consultancy services to determine the legal and ethical problems that may arise and occur on the axis of all the components of health tourism, especially the patients, and to determine the solution methods.