Family Law

Family law is a legal entity that deals with issues related to the family and is included within the scope of civil law. The main subjects of family law are engagement, marital conditions and consequences, divorce conditions and consequences, property regimes, family housing, family ties, adoption, custody, child´s right to alimony, tutelage, counseling, legal advice and assistance. Although women´s rights and children´s rights constitute separate investigation areas, they are also of interest to family law.

As a family law advocate, we provide counseling and divorce attorney services in all kinds of legal matters related to the family.

* Divorce cases

* Nesebin reddi (sisters rejected)

* Adoption lawsuits

* Paternal cases

* Laws concerning property regimes

* Article recall

* Cases arising deterioration of the engagement

* Recognition - Enforcement cases

* Case for alimony, alimony increase or cancellation

* Custody cases