Execution and Bankruptcy Law

Creditors are a legal body that regulates how they can obtain their receivables with the help of the state power. This branch of law provides for the fulfillment of judicial decisions given by the courts of jurisdiction. However, in some cases where there is no judicial decision, it is possible for those who are considered to have rights to obtain their rights by making use of the law of execution.

Elgit Law has been providing the necessary safeguards for Execution and Bankruptcy Law for many years and closely follows the national and international publications published in this sense and carries out the proceedings and consultancy processes of its clients in this field with great diligence.

Some of the other services provided in Enforcement Bankruptcy Law are:

* Treasury execution and bankruptcy proceedings
Debt clearing negotiations between debtors or creditors and the counterparty; and
protocol of the settlement agreements made
* Bankruptcy Delay
* Resolution of disputes arising bank loan contracts