Criminal Law

The criminal lawyer is a lawyer who has knowledge about the main Turkish Criminal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure and criminal law and has competence and authority in this respect. The duty of the criminal lawyer is to provide legal support for suspicion, suspicion or complaint during the process of commissioning, investigating and prosecuting during a crime assertion in criminal law.

In addition to his legal support, he also has the authority to represent in court and prosecution. The criminal defense lawyer provides legal counseling services with legal support to the parties in order to proceed effectively. The tasks of the criminal lawyer in this process; collecting the evidence, preparing it, taking it effectively, and so on.

Why is a criminal lawyer required?

If the criminal lawyer is a suspect or a suspect, the client must be actively represented at the stage of investigation or prosecution. It is important to transfer legal information in this process. Taking a step toward this information allows the defendant or the defendant to be defended in the most accurate manner within the framework of criminal law. If the client is a complaining party, the opposite party is entitled to receive the punishment.