Construction and Real Estate

Elgit Law Office serves in all fields of real estate and construction law. Lawyers Büromuzun´s lawyers provide consultancy services to clients at every stage including the construction, purchase and sale of real estates and represent them in these processes.

Elgit Law Firm´s lawyers represent client property owners, tenants, real estate investors, contractors, architects, financiers, construction firms, engineers and planners.

Law bureaus working with expert lawyers in the field;

* General construction, land share provision The preparation, examination and revision of construction and property contracts,

* Providing consultancy service in every question that can be taken after signing the contract,

* Informing the parties about the actions that should be taken if the parties breach their obligations after signing the contracts; necessary notification, making warnings; regulation of warning notice; to carry out transactions which will affect the original case which is to be opened later, such as the identification of evidence, especially in case of defective performance,

* The most important issue in construction law; the final delivery and final acceptance minutes and all official minutes of the contractor´s full and complete delivery of the work,

* The preparation of Land Share Equivalent Construction Contracts which are important in the Construction Law and the effective role play in signing with landowners,

* Making the administrative dimension of the Construction Law, making the licensing operations and the administrative operations and obtaining the permits,

* The completion of the construction, the expiration of the license period, the demolition decisions and business in this process by the contractor or the owners of the apartments or in the case of the transfer of all legal support,

* All the necessary procedures for resolving the disputes arising the contracts which are not made in the notary public without being attached to the official form,

* Prosecution of judicial and administrative cases for settlement of disputes between the parties; judicial and administrative proceedings, concluding the cases in favor of the client, and the full performance of all transactions in the file,

* In case of return without contract and in case of termination of the contract, prosecution for the compensation of material and moral damages occurred in the client´s office,

* Active and effective defense in the process of prosecution, which is related to the construction pollution and other crimes, which are caused by the mental disorder, which constitutes the criminal dimension of the Construction Law,