Competition Law

We provide consulting services to our clients regarding corporate mergers, mergers and acquisitions as well as competitive law issues. Our lawyers have serious experience and experience in the preparation and follow-up of applicants to the Competition Authority.

Competition differs in terms of the occupational field used; is viewed as a necessity in terms of ensuring social justice and economic efficiency within the market system. The protection of the competition is important in order to prevent the monopolization and to protect the effectiveness of the market system and thus to provide public benefit.

We also advise our clients on competition-limiting agreements, related rights claims and advocacy for abuse of judge positions, preliminary investigations and investigations related to them, merger and acquisition notices, sanction detection / exemption applications and preventive measures for the establishment of any monopoly.

In addition to these, we provide consultancy services in all areas of competition law and in-house competition law education to our clients operating in different sectors. In this context, our lawyers are helping to bring solutions to our clients, competitive law problems, and in particular contracts that will be signed by clients, which may be most appropriate for their own industry or trade.

We also provide training programs, along with external consultants, on the needs and demands of clients.