Bankruptcy Delay

Debtors who do not fulfill their obligations under the Execution and Bankruptcy Law on time and with their responsibilities; the law of law, which regulates how receivers will obtain their receivables with the help of the state force, is called enforcement and bankruptcy law or enforcement law. Only the state recognizes the power to use force in the practice of law enforcement.

In order for the creditor to settle, the State seizes the assets of the debtor´s assets in the executive organs of the abbreviation, these goods are sold, and the proceeds and credits are paid. In our office located in Aydın, we provide legal support for all kinds of executive proceedings and cases with our team which is very experienced in executive law.

* Executive Teams
* Precautionary harassment and precautionary punishment
* Debt Relief, Privilege Detection and Retribution,
* Signing and Borca Appeal,
* The Claim Form,
* Deferral of bankruptcy and bankruptcy procedure,
* Other Laws Enforcement Law and Execution Penal Court Competition.