Administration and Tax Law

We provide solutions in all areas of administrative law with expert staff in the field of administrative law and administrative jurisdiction. We have aimed to provide attentive service as the Elgit Law office in case of cancellations, full judicial cases and objections to administrative proceedings. Idari lawsuits are lawsuits in which the rights and interests of the individual are defended in the face of superior public power.

It is also important to take the decision to stop the executive in some cases in these cases. The court´s decision to stop the execution against the actions and actions of the prisoner hinders the prisoner continuing the proceedings of the matter until the ruling on that issue. Because even in case you wins the court in some proceedings, you will suffer compensatory power losses. The decision to stop the executor will prevent this grievance the beginning.

For example, the administration may have caused you to have an ecrimisil. In the case of payment of the concession money, it may take years for you to receive it as a refund the public. In this case, the plaintiff will question the claim.

* All kinds of administrative applications and objections
* Disputes between the Administrative Courts and the Tax Courts and the resolution of the Council of State
* Resolution of large-scale disputes related to tax and customs payments of the dispute settlement unit, as well as providing advice on taxation
* Providing information and opinions on the legal arrangements and legal solution alternatives in relation to Customs Duty,
* To examine and evaluate tax planning in terms of legal aspects